Adding airtime and checking the balance of pre-paid airtime on an IsatPhone


Check IsatPhone Pre-Paid Balance and Top-Up account using a voucher purchased online

 (This applies to the IsatPhone Pro and the IsatPhone 2)




Make sure you are outside with a clear view of the sky. If in Australia, the satellite will be roughly to the North. Wait until the handset registers on the network.
The display will show,

"Ready for Service"




Balance Enquiry: " Menu->Settings->Prepay->Balance enquiry "
..and press the Green Send key.
Redeem a voucher: " Menu->Settings->PrePay->Redeem voucher "
..and press the Green Send key.

Have your 16 digit voucher number on hand, and follow the prompts displayed on the screen.

Please remember that the voucher MUST be applied before the expiry date, and that the validity period applies form the date added to the account via the handset