Difference between Post-Paid and Pre-Paid

Post Paid plans are available on all Satellite Networks used in Australia.

Plans are billed in arrears - ie. you get a bill for your subscription, and any airtime (call charges) used in the previous month.

Casual plans with no commitment, cancel at any time with no penalty. There is usually a setup / connection fee each time you start a plan up. Some plans will have a provision to suspend the service at a lower cost than having the plan fully active. This avoids having to pay the setup / connection fee when you re-connect.

Term plans (vary from 3 months to 12 months) have a commitment to stay connected for a minimum length of time. This avoids the setup / connection fee associated with casual plans.

All Post-Paid Plans are provisioned with a standard Australian Mobile Number, meaning anyone calling you, pays just the cost of a calling a normal mobile phone - if they are on a capped or unlimited plan this is effectively free!

Pre-Paid connections are available on the Inmarsat and Iridium Networks. Vouchers are purchased in advance of usage and will be for a specific period of time and call value.

You will have an international number, which can receive inbound calls as long as there is an active voucher against your account.

The supplied International number can be VERY expensive for people calling you, and in many cases the ability to call at all may be determined by the plan they are calling from.

Post-Paid Plans

 Pros Cons
Standard Australian Mobile Number Monthly Bill
Most plans have free inbound calls Setup Fee may apply
Never run out of credit Minimum term may apply
Lower Outbound Call Rates Even when unused, attracts a monthly fee


Pre-Paid Plans

Pros Cons
Only pay for your usage International Number
 Purchase in Advance - no bill shock Expensive or not possible for others to call
No fee for inbound calls Possibly run out of credit
No setup Fee