Everything about Inmasat Pre-Paid Airtime Explained

Inmarsat Pre-Paid airtime is an easy and cost effective way to run your Isatphone 2 or IsatPhone Pro (see below*) on a casual basis.


Free SIM Card / Free Airtime! - we are happy to supply SIM cards free of charge as long as you purchase an airtime voucher from us. Shipping is via Express Post or Regular mail. Please note regular mail is not traceable.


Inmarsat Test number - check if you are connecting to the network with this free to call number from your Inmarsat handset. Simply wait until your handset shows "Ready for Service" then dial +8707 7699 9999 followed by the green send key.

Card Activation / Free Airtime!** - your SIM card will need to be activated. Once you have ordered your card this is easily done through a convenient online form. We will also supply you with 2 units of airtime, free of charge, such that you can test your phone before applying your voucher!! (The 2 units of airtime expire 30 days after activation if unused)

Service Number - this is allocated to your SIM card at time of activation and does not expire. You will receive full details of your SIM / Service activation by email. The number will be in the format 870XXXXXXXXX For callers to ring this number they will need to dial +870XXXXXXXXX or the International Pre-fix of their phone company plus the number (For Telstra, and some others, this would look like 0011870XXXXXXXXX) Please remember some Telcos charge ridiculous amounts for calls to satellite services. Please check with your provider.

Dialing - always use the international dialing format. As an example to call a NSW number dial +612XXXXXXXX, a mobile +614XXXXXXXX etc. (+61 is the Australian country code, please use the country code appropriate to your call destination)

Vouchers - are available in a variety of sizes. Each size has a different number of included minutes and validity period. The validity period is the period of time where you will have network connectivity to make and receive calls.

  • 100 Units 90 days connectivity, about 66minutes of outbound calls
  • 250 Units 180 days connectivity, about 166 minutes of outbound calls
  • 500 Units 365 days connectivity, about 333 minutes of outbound calls

Immediate Issue / Purchase - 100 unit vouchers are issued immediately via email. Larger vouchers are issued within a few hours on business days.

Note: Vouchers purchased on our website will work ONLY with SIM cards supplied by Sat Phone Sales or our upstream provider. If unsure check with us first. Issued vouchers cannot be refunded once issued

Cost of Inbound calls free of charge to you, but keep in mind it can be very expensive for callers to call you as the SIM is provisioned with an Inmarsat Satellite Phone Number.

Cost of Outbound calls, calls to regular landlines and normal mobiles globally are charged at 1.5 units per minute.

Emergency Number - in Australia this is 000 Calls to 000 are free of charge.

Shelf Life - all vouchers have a shelf life of up to 12 months, in other words you have up to 12 months time in which to apply the voucher to your account via your handset from the date of purchase. The expiry date, along with voucher code, will be provided to you at the time of purchase and will be be between 11 and 12 months from date of purchase.

Topping up your account through your handset is very fast and easy. How to top up using your handset Instructions here.


*IsatPhone Pro users - Important

The Isatphone Pro is now considered end-of life. This does not mean that it can't be used on the Inmarsat network, it simply means there will be no further firmware updates made available so it is very much a case of making sure your IsatPhone Pro has the latest firmware applied.The latest firmware is 5.17.2 Instructions to upgrade your IsatPhone Pro



Your IsatPhone Pro MUST have firmware 5.3.0 or higher to operate on the network. It is HIGHLY recommended that you upgrade to the latest 5.17.2 version. 

 **Free Airtime, is available to all customers at the time of SIM activation only.