Everything about Iridium Pre-Paid

Iridium Pre-Paid airtime is a flexible way to keep your Iridium handset connected.


Free SIM Card ! - we are happy to supply SIM cards free of charge as long as you purchase an airtime voucher from us. Shipping is via Express Post or Regular mail. Please note regular mail is not traceable.


Card Activation - your SIM card will need to be activated. Once you have ordered your card this is easily done through a convenient online form.

Service Number - this is allocated to your SIM card at time of activation and does not expire as long as you top up within 270 days of last usage.

You will receive full details of your SIM / Service activation by email. The number will be in the format 881X XXXX XXXX For callers to ring this number they will need to dial +881XXXXXXXXX or the International Pre-fix of their phone company plus the number (For Telstra, and some others, this would look like 0011881XXXXXXXXX) Please remember some Telcos charge ridiculous amounts for calls to satellite services. Please check with your provider.

Dialing - always use the international dialing format. As an example to call a NSW number dial +612XXXXXXXX, a mobile +614XXXXXXXX etc. (+61 is the Australian country code, please use the country code appropriate to your call destination)

Vouchers - are available in a variety of sizes. Each size has a different number of included minutes and validity period. Validity extension vouchers may be purchased without airtime minutes

Note: Vouchers purchased on our website will work ONLY with SIM cards supplied by Sat Phone Sales or our upstream provider. If unsure check with us first. Issued vouchers cannot be refunded once issued

Cost of Inbound calls free of charge to you, but keep in mind it can be very expensive for callers to call you as the SIM is provisioned with an Iridium Satellite Phone Number.

Cost of Outbound calls

Iridium airtime is purchased in minutes and validity period. eg. 100 minutes / 30 day vouchers give 100 minutes of airtime which need to be used within the 30 day time frame.

Should you have minutes unused at the end of the 30 days a further time only validity extension may be purchased to maintain the remainder of the unused minutes

Emergency Number - in Australia this is 000 Calls to 000 are free of charge.

Topping up your account is done by ordering vouchers, once purchased we will apply the credit to your account.